So What is TimeTally?

TimeTally is a multi-platform time tracker that allows anyone to tally their valuable time and transform it into colorful charts and graphs for sharing with others. With fully customizable Categories, you can keep tabs on how many minutes you spend on the phone each day or how even many hours you’ve dedicated to playing video games in a month. Set Goals and mark your progress! Whether you track in real time with our Timer feature, or choose to input chunks of time at the end of your work day, TimeTally makes time management simple and hassle free for anyone and everyone!

Take Control of Your Time Management

TimeTally helps you answer anyone who asks, “What did you do today?” With our Summary feature, you can view customizable graphs and calendars that visualize your time in a clear, simple format. The beauty of TimeTally is its ability to make something as abstract as your dedication to daily tasks into something tangible, seeable and clear cut. Make a statement about your use of time and jump to the top of the pile on your administrator’s desk!

Tally Your Time in Teams!

TimeTally empowers businesses and organizations to view in real time how their employees are using their time. With the Reports feature, managers and project leads can see how much of their team’s time is spent on specific tasks or activities. Our Projects feature helps groups delegate tasks to each team member and shows how much time each member spent on each part, from start to finish. No more slackers on group projects – now you can see who really pulled the weight (and hold one another accountable)!

Export Your Time

TimeTally allows you to export your time in every way possible. You can export your time entries based on user, team, project or category. You can also summarize how time has been used in all projects, categories, users, and teams.

TimeTally Sounds Amazing... But How Much Does It Cost?

No other time management software combines these two concepts – your time and pictures – as seamlessly as TimeTally does. Likewise, TimeTally is affordable for anyone – college students, parents, counselors, and even CEOs.